The Chefs

Chef Kino

Since settling in Paris over thirty years ago, Yoichi Kino has become a reference in Japanese gastronomy. His tiny restaurant "Comme des Poissons" became a must for connoisseurs of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Chef Kino, whose ambition is to make the "best sushi in the world" is also a master of "Omakase", a tasting menu of the chef's own composition, a delight both for the eyes and taste buds.

KOMATSUBAKI offers a subtle blend of the great experience of Chef Yoichi Kino and the creative talent of Chef Ryuma Tabuko.

Chef Takubo

The culinary creations of Chef Ryuma Tabuko can be assimilated as real artistic achievements with an aesthetic that matches the delicate flavors of this young chef's cuisine. His artistic sensitivity seems inscribed in his DNA. He spent his childhood in Normandy while his father, the famous painter Kyoji Tabuko, restored the chapel of Saint-Vigor near Caen over a ten year period.

Since then Ryuma TAKUBO has been forging his reputation through his immense culinary talent.

Today, at the helm of KOMATSUBAKI, the Chef is happy to use products from the French terroir to reinterpret the « Shôjin-Kaïseki », a refined vegan cuisine which earned him a Michelin star in 2014 at the Yuzu An restaurant in Fukuoka.