A Wonderful Story of the Transmission of Savoir-Faire

After 17 years of introducing the best of Japanese cuisine to his loyal customers in his small restaurant on the rue de la Tour, Chef Kino now maintains the excellence of his cuisine in a new setting - 3, rue d'Artois 75008 Paris. This address has long housed Hyotan, the restaurant founded almost thirty years ago by Chef Shiraï, who sadly passed away.

These two mythical institutions have now united to form KOMASTUBAKI.

With Chef Takubo joining Chef Kino, transmission of his gastronomic savoir-faire is assured.

This collaboration assures excellence paired with creativity in the best traditions of Japanese cuisine.

A New Setting

Architect Ryuichi NAKAMURA designed a setting worthy of Chef Kino and Chef Takubo's cuisine. A Kyoto native, Ryuichi NAKAMURA has created several projects that combine pure traditional Japanese style with a contemporary touch.

For the KOMATSUBAKI restaurant, the architect has created a subtle, intimate setting with a streamlined design in light tones.

He uses noble materials such as Hinoki, rare Japanese cedarwood with a distinctive yet subtle scent. The bar was crafted in Kyoto in this precious Hinoki wood in the finest tradition.

A traditional Japanese private dining room is separated from the rest of the restaurant thanks to a Fusuma (sliding doors in wood and paper) hand-painted by the artist Takubo Kyôji, Chef Takubo's father.

This room can accommodate up to eight guests in the intimacy of tatamis. For the comfort of Western guests, the tatami mat is designed to allow the legs to be placed comfortably under the table.

To harmonize Chefs Kino and Tabuko's culinary creation with the decor, the porcelain tableware was carefully selected in Japan.